Google & YouTube Advertising

Google advertising is your ultimate solution to market your products, services, mobile app or even event in Kenya, Worldwide or even specific locations & territories.  The Google Ads platform runs on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, i.e. you have to pay every time a visitor clicks your ad.

Our PPC-based campaigns with Search Ads, Display/ Web Banner ads and Video are performance-based and our Google Certified agent(s) can get you up-and-running in less than an hour meaning you could start making sales at the end of the hour!

How do we add value to your business with Google ads?

Why us?

1.We undertake running of Google ads on behalf of our clients in a systematic, data-driven approach that is proven to influence results along the buyer’s journey. Whether your objective is to get more quality leads, generate mass awareness/ buzz, app downloads or even influence sales, our campaigns will assist you achieve that.

2. Our campaigns are well-researched, continually optimized and most importantly, leverage data acquired to help the business owner to make informed business decisions based on the campaign analytics and findings that come in a campaign report at the end of the project.

How can we help you

We observe the buyer’s journey and develop campaigns for different objectives e.g ‘Awareness campaigns’, ‘Conversion Campaigns’ and even ‘Delightment Campaigns’. If you sell a product or service that consumers are not likely to purchase immediately, we ensure that your brand stays top-of-mind for prospects as they consider making a purchase in the future along the buyer’s journey.

Observing a data-driven approach

Our Google certified agents begin by setting up the campaign correctly on the Google Ads dashboard, then go ahead to include conversion tracking, optimize budgets and keyword-bids – all to acquire unique data-sets that you the client can re-use and continually optimize for better results in the form of data.

Accurate audience targeting

Audiences are groups of people with specific interests, intents, and demographics, as estimated by Google. We assist clients select from a wide range of categories — such as fans of sport and travel, people shopping for vehicles or real estate property, or specific people that have visited your website.

Continual Ad Optimization

To ran a successful campaign in both the short and long-run, you require to optimize your messaging to fit your audience preference. The success of our campaigns is the result of doing the right things over and over and over again, month after month after month.

What our happy client say about our success

“ Design quality and Usablity”