Email Marketing

Why Consider Email marketing?

Email marketing has been around for several years, and online marketing experts suggest it is here to stay. Over 75% of World’s population own a smartphone and have access to their email in their hands. Email marketing is great for B2C/B2B companies who want to promote their products to customers, but it is also an effective tool for service companies who want to remind customers when it may be time to schedule service. 

1. Email List Growth

Do you want to grow your email list like on steroids? We have developed technics that might convert up to 20% of your website traffic to email subscribers. Interesting to learn how?

2.Email Marketing Calendar

At Ric we can help you create an email calendar that will be dedicated to your audience. Stay in the loop and grow your sales!

Here is Our Email Marketing Approach

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Analytics Intergration

We integrate Google analytics with email marketing campaigns. It helps to track the total numbers of visits, goal completion, as well as e-commerce conversions

Positive connections

Email marketing is best known for its ROI. It always provides the highest return on your investment than any other channel. Hence we help you achieve this.

Business Expansion

Our email marketing services allow you to rich your existing customers as well as your those customers who have the highest percentage to be your next potential customers.

Automated Essential Flows

Automated email flows have the ability to deliver long-term value to your company with a few starter automated campaigns. Unlike traditional one-time email campaigns.