Web Design & Optimization

There are many people who wonder how having an optimal web design can benefit your company. There are basically two factors that define a website: quality and visibility.


Today an efficient and attractive website is synonymous with more customers and therefore more sales, but there is also a huge competition on the Internet that you must face to excel and be successful. Therefore, it is essential for your business to contact experts in web development and trust them to create your website.
Internet users have become increasingly selective in terms of the web pages they visit as they are in contact with hundreds of them every day, making the quality of your site of vital importance. The quality of a site is given by several elements that involve both web development and web design. Usability is one of them. It is very important that your site has a friendly design and that it is easy to explore.
We help design, manage and optimize the content on your website so that you retain and convert the visitors to your site. We are here to help:

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E-Commerce Solutions

Businesses today are increasing their revenue through online sales. An e-commerce website compliments a brick and mortar store through its ability to offer products for sale at all times, from any device.

Why E-Commerce Development is Beneficial

  • Products are available 24/7
  • Serves customers outside your area
  • Generates more traffic and sales
  • Allows customers to view images of the product and compare prices

Components of Online Stores

There are many options when considering an e-commerce website. A few of the optional components involved are described below.

PayPal Payment Integration 
PayPal is a great e-commerce option for a startup store. For each transaction, PayPal keeps a small percentage of the sale, but there are no ongoing or monthly fees.

Merchant Account/Payment Gateway 
Online stores can be set up with a merchant account and payment gateway to accept online payments. Merchant accounts are bank or other financial institution accounts that accept credit and debit card transactions. Payment gateways authorize credit and debit cards for e-businesses and connect the online store to the merchant account. There are many companies who offer both of these services, and  RIC helps our clients find the best solution. Both the merchant account and the payment gateway typically require small monthly fees and per transaction fees to the merchant account and/or the payment gateway provider.

Online Store Security 
An SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Certificate is highly recommended with the implementation of an online store. These certificates provide the store with an extra layer of security when site users interact with the website. SSL certificates will provide an online store with an https:// URL and a site seal stating that the store is secure.

When it comes to e-Commerce, RIC will work with you to ensure that your online store works to enhance your business.

Mobile / Responsive Design

Why You Should Have A Mobile Responsive Website

Increase Sales and Conversion Rates

The use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) can be used across devices to create a consistent appearance, improving functionality and performance.


Because responsive sites are fluid, content and images can move freely. Websites will keep the same appearance without losing content.


Visitors and customers can easily consume information and products on mobile websites. Your website can be accessed from a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet. We can customize your website to accommodate your design needs by implementing color, images, and style.

Recommended by Google

Many marketers value Google’s recommendation because Google has 67% of the search market share. Google recommends that responsive sites should be in a mobile configuration. Responsive sites have one URL which allows Google to easily crawl, index, and sort content. Also, sites with the same URL can share and link content to the mobile site.

Mobile design is one of our team’s specialties. We work on the design, the customization, the user-friendliness, the speed, and the maintenance. We also provide positive online reputation management to improve your business sales and rankings. We’re dedicated to giving you a product that you’ll love, so you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to mobile websites! We know what to do, how to do it, and more importantly, how to get it out there. We make sure that your website gets traffic by using different techniques like keywords to make sure that your website will pop up when people search on Google, Bing, or other search browsers. We know that you want to get as many customers as possible. That’s why having a responsive mobile website for your business can be so important.

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