How To Succeed At Selling Online in Kenya

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Selling online is one thing but being successful at it is something special – complete with a strategy and an award!

Thankfully, knowledge is open-source over the internet and anyone willing to gain insight would do so with a few Google keywords. That begs the question >> ‘Everyone wants to make money online but are you doing it right?’

Developing, managing & marketing an online brand or business is not a one-day affair or the wave of a magic wand with promoted ads, but a Strategic digital plan complete with campaign phases, digital media buying budgets, reports and a lot of analytics!

Survey shows one in every four Kenyans shops online – The Daily Nation, KenyaThe Nielsen Consumer Confidence and Spending Intentions survey.

Is it really worth it selling online?

Selling online should be a revenue channel for your business/ brand. Whether you trade in products, services, coupons & tickets or even bookings – going digital is the just the way to go !

“The opportunity for growth is inspired by “on the go lifestyle” of Kenyans which creates the need for speed, whether it is the consumption experience (ready to consume), shopper experience (proximity and efficiency) and engagement experience, driven by a two-way interaction and easy-to-use apps” – Bryan Sun, managing partner for Nielsen East and South Africa.

How To Truly Succeed!

Many Kenyan entrepreneurs view selling online in its most simplicity – signing-up for a free account or joining a marketplace group on Facebook or WhatsApp – which is great, but not fully capturing the capability of e-commerce and inbound marketing.

To truly succeed at selling online in Kenya, entrepreneurs and businesses may need to employ a systematic approach to capturing leads & prospective clients and turning them into clients and brand followers.

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For every entrepreneur or business that aims to create a secondary revenue stream by selling online, this could be achieved by including the following to your online brand/ presence:

  1.  Create a Digital Strategy for your business

A digital strategy is key at assisting you, the business owner/ entrepreneur, acquire success with your online marketing & sales efforts. Within the digital strategy for your online business will be key metrics such as campaign duration, budget, milestones & KPI’s, #hashtags and social media platform. This would be your road-map to success which every true digital professional should offer you.

  1. Create & Manage a Website

Having many more channels to sell your products or services is a must in an effort to increase revenue and customer-base, A website should be your first priority to not only selling online but developing a brand that people can trust and recommend to others. In-order to create an online store in Kenya.

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Your online store (e-commerce store) is not only a channel to sell multiple online products or services, but a representation of your brand – outlining why what you offer is different, unique or of better value than your industry competition. It also offers a steady revenue stream by increasing your users & subscriptions and increase the total valuation of your online brand.

One of the most important features of any online store is the ability to capture analytics & data about your website’s/ online store users, visitors and subscribers. Turning insight into action is what it’s all about –  a data-driven approach to making business decisions.View our online & e-commerce store >> 

  1. Create Own Social Media Marketing Pages

Start your own social media pages and develop a brand around them. Presentation, professionalism and competitive rates at the store will be key differentiation from your business and the competition online.

Quick Tips

  • Complete your online business profile complete with contact information. location & maps, your business description, shop products, events and custom pictures & graphics such as logos, graphics & header pictures.
  • Setting up your advertising account properly on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn is also key. Learn if your kind of business may be restricted by various platform policy.
  • Include your new website URL e.g. www.yourwebsite.coke
  • Include an ‘auto-responder’ or automated message for your page visitors.
  • Add a call-to-action button that describes what you want to achieve ‘Call Now’, Learn More, Use App’, ‘Contact’among others of the same.
  1. Create Compelling Web-Copy

Content is king and it is your secret sauce to attracting online leads, prospectives and converting them into buyers. Writing great web copy isn’t only having the ability to write compelling content but to also realize the objective of the content.

At KWETU, our key differentiation is the ability to write compelling content for every stage your prospective customer wherever they are along the buyer’s journey. To us, the’re’s content that attract customers, convinces and closes sale utilizing the inbound marketing methodology recommended by HubSpot.

We offer content writing services for  website content pages, blog posts and e-commerce store products that is key-word rich enabling your website rank higher on Google/ Bing and offer acquire your final objective of increasing sales.

  1. Invest in Online Media Buying

Spending money to advertise your products online for many is a big leap of faith especially if not attempted before. An allocated online marketing budget will always provide you with an estimate number of people that will view and/or interact with your advertisement.

A targeted campaign is key to your social media marketing success when selling online. Advertising on social media is only as effective as the knowledge of your average customer.

Boosted & promoted posts that are highly targeted might get you less views but will always produce better engagement (shares, comments, inquiries) and sales.

  1. Entice Your Leads & Delight Your Customers

Your online customers always want a good deal. Create offers, free trials and membership discounts on your online subscriptions, products or services. Running a social media marketing campaign with these lead magnets will allow you to collect more data about your customer such as preferences to your products, online behavior & interest, demographics and much more. As a business owner, you have the opportunity to also create a customer-base for each individual product within your e-commerce store. Through CRM management

  1. Analyze Campaign Data & Optimize for Better Results

Your digital campaign data is your goldmine! Learn how to interpret the data displayed for every one of your digital campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube or even Google Search & Display networks.

Turning campaign insight will assist you optimize your online campaign for better results and less spend on your  ad budget.

At Ric digital Solutions, we offer custom social media and Google advertising campaigns for all our clients, We further develop the best of online stores, websites and blog complete with e-commerce check-out systems and multiple store products that will increase your leads, prospectives and sales and revenue. Get in touch with us on


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